Google’s new approach to China

Big news today for free speech on the internet! Google has announced that they will no longer censor search results on  Here’s Google’s official announcement on their blog, and a NY Times story covering it.  While Google is not the most popular search engine in China, it certainly is the leader among American providers. … [Read more…]

iTunes 9 + Win 7 Play Nicely

I’m running the Windows 7 Release Candidate, and pulled down Apple’s new iTunes 9, which debuted on last Wednesday.  I noticed a little added feature: It seems iTunes 9 takes advantage of the Windows 7 taskbar enhancements and adds a back, play/pause, and forward button below the live preview.  It also adds a balloon above … [Read more…]

Windows Live Writer

The WordPress web-interface for writing blog posts is OK, but I do miss some of my favorite word-processing features. The blog-posting facility in Word 2007 didn’t impress me, but I’m on a Microsoft kick this week while trying Windows 7, so I thought I’d take Windows Live Writer for a spin. Although it presents you … [Read more…]